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News SYMSITES presented at Primary School of Ano Alissos

SYMSITES presented at Primary School of Ano Alissos

On 15/5/2023, the SYMSITES project have been presented at the Primary School of Ano Alissos, Greece.

SYMSITES, a four-year funded project, aims to develop innovative technologies and solutions based on the concept of Industrial and Urban Symbiosis. It involves collaboration with local and regional stakeholders such as citizens, municipalities, and businesses to enhance the sustainability of industrial and social resources utilization, including solid organic waste and wastewater.

Its main advantage lies in the utilization of waste materials from urban and industrial activities, such as industrial side streams, by-products, and municipal waste at the end of their life cycle. The project’s goal is to transform these waste materials into valuable energy resources and raw materials for industrial processes.

The project boasts the participation of 30 partners from 9 countries. Greece is well represented by the Municipality of West Achaia, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), specifically the Laboratory of Organic Chemical Technology at the School of Chemical Engineering (led by Prof. G. Lymperato), SIRMET S.A., and EEP. The Greek partnership focuses on utilizing municipal and industrial waste from olive mill processes. A pilot plant will be established at the biological treatment plant of the Municipality of Western Achaia to convert these wastes into biogas, bio-hydrogen, and bio-plastics.

To achieve their objectives, a network of brown bins will be implemented in the wider Alissos area for the collection of household organic waste. Additionally, contributions from wastewater generated by industry (EEP) and the Municipality of Western Achaia will be incorporated. The NTUA will play a crucial role in developing innovative processes for more efficient waste utilization, working in collaboration with SIRMET S.A. for their implementation.

The Primary School of Ano Alissos was selected as the venue for the project presentation to inform both children and residents of the Alissos area about the initiative, as it will be the focal point of implementation with the installation of a network of brown bins.

Mr. Marios Didachos coordinated the presentation, which was attended by representatives of project stakeholders and the Mayor of West Achaia, Mr. Spyros Mylonas. They emphasized the significance of the project and encouraged active participation from all stakeholders.

This event marks an important step toward sustainable waste management and resource utilization. By engaging the local community, “SYMSITES” aims to create a cleaner and more efficient environment for future generations.

Explaining projects like SYMSITES in primary schools is crucial for educating and engaging the younger generation, fostering sustainable behaviors, promoting community involvement, and encouraging collaboration. By starting early, we lay the foundation for a more environmentally conscious and responsible society.

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