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The SYMSITES project aims at developing new technologies and solutions based on the Industrial and Urban symbiosis (I-US) concept, for local and regional collaborations among diverse actors (Citizens, Municipalities and Entreprises) and sectors improving the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources starting from wastewater and waste materials.


SYMSITES is a 48-month-project (June 2022 – May 2026), funded by the European Union through Horizon Europe Programme (total budget: € 12.404.455).

Urban-Industrial Symbiosis with

Social, Economic and Environmental Impact

in Europe


From waste management to circular economy in Denmark: the case of Svaneke

The Danish island of Bornholm has a clear vision for the future: to switch off the incinerator by 2032 and to consider waste resources through reuse or recycling. SYMSITES plays a big part in reaching this goal, as it will encourage small commun

Circular Economy and Environmental Education in Spanish Schools with Symsites

The public schools of Bracal and Montcabrer, in Muro de Alcoy, are embracing an environmental-friendly approach thanks to the collaboration between FOVASA, FACSA, Serunión and the city council of Muro de Alcoy, Spain. Organic waste to fo

Industrial-Urban Symbiosis: a strategic approach for sustainable cities

World Environment Day is a key moment for local authorities to consider including environmentally friendly decisions in urban policies. Among them, Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (I-US) emerges as a strategic approach to achieve multiple Sustainable

World Recycling Day: 5 “R” to reduce your waste

World Recycling Day, celebrated on May 17, reminds us of the importance of reducing environmental damage and taking care of our planet. In particular, five actions can guide you to this purpose. They are called 5 ecological R’s: Reject, Re

Bornholm Towards a Zero-Waste Future with Industrial-Urban Symbiosis 

On the Danish island of Bornholm Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (I-US) is more than a theory. The island transforms wastewater from wheat to make pasta and uses wastewater from beer production to grow more crops.  The strategy is clear: Born

Water and future: crisis or challenges and opportunities?

SYMSITES at TRANSFIERE 2024 Málaga (Spain) has recently hosted “TRANSFIERE”, Europe’s largest gathering on Research and Development (R&D), Innovation, and Knowledge Transfer in the water sector. The most recent edition of this


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