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The SYMSITES project aims at developing new technologies and solutions based on the Industrial and Urban symbiosis (I-US) concept, for local and regional collaborations among diverse actors (Citizens, Municipalities and Entreprises) and sectors improving the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources starting from wastewater and waste materials.


SYMSITES is a 48-month-project (June 2022 – May 2026), funded by the European Union through Horizon Europe Programme (total budget: € 12.404.455).

Urban-Industrial Symbiosis with

Social, Economic and Environmental Impact

in Europe


“WATER 2030” – SYMSITES shares its knowledges in a prominent conference on Water Security in Italy

On 24th January SYMSITES flew to Italy, precisely in Pisa, to present its innovative perspectives on wastewater management – through the Industrial-Urban Symbiosis approach – in an international conference on water security. T

symsites CONAMA madrid

SYMSITES presented at CONAMA2022 in Madrid

SYMSITES is slowly but surely acquiring visibility and reputation in the European (projects) arena: on 21-24 November the project was officially presented at the CONAMA 2022 (Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente) in Madrid, Spain. Spotligh

symsites stakeholder forum

Engaging EcoSites local communities: SYMSITES will create 4 stakeholder forums

Throughout its four years, the Symsites project will organise an annual stakeholder forum at each of the four EcoSites. Indeed, the four EcoSites, located in 4 different countries (Austria, Denmark, Spain and Greece) will be the primary tests fo

ecosites symsites

Philosophy of Waste as a Resource. What is an Ecosite?

People are becoming more and more aware of socio-environmental problems related to the excessive production of waste. This is why a new paradigm is bursting: From a philosophy of waste management to a philosophy of managing the resources fr

SYMSITES kick-off meeting: the future starts now!

30 international partners, from 9 countries, gathered on July 5 and 6 2022 in Alicante (Spain) to present SYMSITES’ main objectives and innovative solutions to be developed under the project scope over the next 4 years. As all self respecti

urban industrial symbiosis

SYMSITES: an accelerator for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis

Turning Europe’s research results into innovations which generate value for the economy, society and contribute to a sustainable future is one of the most critical issues to tackle today. The impact of climate change has pushed coun


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