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The SYMSITES project aims at developing new technologies and solutions based on the Industrial and Urban symbiosis (I-US) concept, for local and regional collaborations among diverse actors (Citizens, Municipalities and Entreprises) and sectors improving the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources starting from wastewater and waste materials.


SYMSITES is a 48-month-project (June 2022 – May 2026), funded by the European Union through Horizon Europe Programme (total budget: € 12.404.455).

Urban-Industrial Symbiosis with

Social, Economic and Environmental Impact

in Europe


Collaborating with EU stakeholders to ensure the success of the ITRMP

ITRMP: the tool to manage Industrial-Urban Symbiosis at EcoSites Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (I-US) is a circular economy strategy that involves various stakeholders such as industries, utilities or municipalities in a certain area, who co

Denmark’s waste incineration path dependency

Although a well-established waste management infrastructure is in place, Denmark is one of the EU countries with the highest levels of consumption, and thereby waste generation. Paradoxically, Denmark thereby faces challenges in its sustainabili

Unleashing the Power of Waste

Treatment of biogenic waste: the case of Austria Austria is a country that places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, and as such, has developed advanced waste management systems. Biogenic waste is a significant

Decision support for I-US!

A decisive assist for policy-makers, local planners and industry leaders  Imagine a world where industrial facilities located in or near urban areas collaborate with the surrounding community to create mutual benefits while promoting su

Water affects everyone, so we need everyone to take action

World Water Day 2023: the SYMSITES commitment regarding the use of water and its sanitation “1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year” WWF:

waste management greece

Managing waste between struggles and headways: the case of Greece

Waste management has been recognised as one of the most severe problems in Greece. How could SYMSITES help waste management technologies in this country? In the last few articles, we explored at length the innovations that the SYMSITES p


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