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News Engaging EcoSites local communities: SYMSITES will create 4 stakeholder forums
symsites stakeholder forum

Engaging EcoSites local communities: SYMSITES will create 4 stakeholder forums

Throughout its four years, the Symsites project will organise an annual stakeholder forum at each of the four EcoSites. Indeed, the four EcoSites, located in 4 different countries (Austria, Denmark, Spain and Greece) will be the primary tests for the novel technologies based on Industrial-Urban Symbiosis.

What are the stakeholder forums?

SYMSITES’ success is based on the cooperation between citizens, municipalities and the industry. This collective action is considered to be the primary way to meaningfully accelerate the green transition in Europe. The stakeholder forums serve precisely this purpose.

The forums will be opportunities for community building and to gather all the relevant stakeholders of the project, which are:

  • Public Authorities
  • Civil Society
  • NGOs and CSOs
  • Companies (including wastewater treatment industries
  • Academia and Research organisations

The forums will enable local stakeholders and communities to get involved in the project design and implementation, and generate useful practitioner/citizen knowledge and insights that can contribute to the exploitation of the project results. In a nutshell: a place where everyone can collaborate and contribute to the project’s success.

What will be the forums’ activities?

Each forum will address specific target audiences and thematic focuses, with the global aim to enhance the project outreach and improve its impact on the beneficiaries.

This will be done through the organisation of events and in-between communication actions. Consequently, the stakeholder community will be able to support the collaboration and further apply the EcoSite innovations beyond the project.

The stakeholder forums will be one-day events engaging around 30 participants and to best address the needs of the local community, the forums will take place in the local language.

More information about the forum guidelines, the calendar of events and how to participate will be available in the upcoming weeks.

➔ Read more on the Stakeholder Forums in the “Deliverables” section of our website.