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News SYMSITES: an accelerator for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis
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SYMSITES: an accelerator for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis

Turning Europe’s research results into innovations which generate value for the economy, society and contribute to a sustainable future is one of the most critical issues to tackle today.

The impact of climate change has pushed countries worldwide to accelerate the development of greener energy. Learning from the closed loops of natural ecosystems, both the private and the public sector are starting to understand that a circular economy should be adopted. 

In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources.

Industrial and Urban Symbiosis is one of  the solutions, in line with the above statements.

SYMSITES is applying the concept of Industrial and Urban Symbiosis aiming for a circular and green economy by improving resource efficiency through local and regional collaboration, namely, the valorization and reuse of underused material and energy resources (waste, by-products) that can be reused by industries, agriculture  within a  defined network.

Studies of Industrial and Urban Symbiosis will enable a generation of economic, environmental, and social benefits, while improving the competitiveness of sole actors as well as the collective.

SYMSITES solution for Industrial-Urban Symbiosis covers the reduction of waste, virgin raw materials, and energy and water consumption, mainly by transforming underused waste materials (both industrial waste, industrial side streams, by-products, and end-of-life urban waste) into feedstock for industries processes.

Let’s have a look at a simple scheme that briefly presents the main visions around Industrial and Urban Symbiosis:

The ProblemThe SolutionThe Opportunity
Global resource use and emissions are unsustainably large and continuously growing. The cost and risks linked to access to resources and the management of waste and emissions are increasing, for both companies and society. 
Our society and our environment are facing critical risks.
Based on the principles of circular economy and the twin green & digital transition, Industrial and Urban Symbiosis is a proven strategy for increasing value to business and society by using fewer primary and fossil resources and generating less waste and emissions. This considering  a well-directed local and regional collaboration.The output of the Industrial and Urban Symbiosis is to reduce environmental impact, together with improved  competitiveness and development of companies, while strengthening regional development and resilience.
SYMSITES solutions are highly relevant factors in industrial-urban symbiosis, by transforming waste/by-products into green value products.

Below, an infographic, which explains the idea behind SYMSITES: