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News SYMSITES presented at CONAMA2022 in Madrid
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SYMSITES presented at CONAMA2022 in Madrid

SYMSITES is slowly but surely acquiring visibility and reputation in the European (projects) arena: on 21-24 November the project was officially presented at the CONAMA 2022 (Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente) in Madrid, Spain.

Spotlight on IT Regional Management Platform at CONAMA 2022

With over 5.000 attendees the CONAMA 2022 in Madrid was a perfect spot to start showcasing SYMSITES’ goals and pillars. Indeed, this event was the occasion to present the IT Regional Management Platform.

The digital platform will support the implementation of industrial-urban symbiosis activities at regional level, as well as it will help to match supply with demand of High Value New Resources. This Platform will support several needs related to the water and industry symbiosis: the first one is to provide smart and friendly-user tools to optimise and manage innovative water technologies in all the regions involved in the project; the second one is to evaluate the possibility promote the industrial-urban symbiosis in a specific geographic area, providing this information to citizens, policy makers, utilities and other stakeholders.

Watchword: digitalisation!

The ITG (Instituto Tecnologico de Galicia), partner of the project, had the burdens and the honour to present the IT Regional Management Platform in the context of CONAMA. Specifically, the ITG representatives took part in a technical session entitled “Circular economy of the water: how can digitalisation support it?”, confronting SYMSITES’ experience with 5 other relevant projects dealing with similar topics.

The presentation held by ITG in Madrid covered goals, methodologies and expected impacts related to the IT Regional Management Platform, which is considered one of the most innovative digital tools developed by SYMSITES. Furthermore, the project was included in a catalogue of digitalisation projects compiled by the congress technical committee.

Digging deeper into the IT Regional Management Platform: first hints on this groundbreaking tool.

The IT Regional Management Platform is a very complex system that can be seen as a web-based framework which might allow us to identify different inputs, coming from the society, needed to deploy the Industrial-Urban Symbiosis concept and the potential needs.
What do we mean with “inputs”?

For instance, the waste and/or water waste availability (and location) or the potential economic value of the products (purified water, biogas, or others), as well as the related costs (i.e. logistic, equipment or others). Therefore, by combining all this information the system will provide the feasibility of I-US in terms of costs/price and other impacts. In addition, the IT Regional Management Platform will include other complementary dimensions addressed to provide support to policy makers. In this context, the platform takes into consideration all the stakeholders linked to policy making in the framework of urban-industry symbiosis, their decision-making factors and their relationships.

And here comes the magic: through the elaboration of all these inputs, the system allows to provide several political scenarios, in terms of, for instance, promoting or not the Industrial-Urban Symbiosis. This approach is addressed to provide objective information that might help the negotiation between several stakeholders.

Finally the system provides a third vision, more operational, in order to provide digital support to the advanced water waste treatment technologies that will be tested during the project. This vision is based on an intensive use of data (IIoT) and the obtainment of several models based on Artificial Intelligence. By doing this, the digitalization of these innovative water waste treatment technologies will contribute to their efficiency, in terms of consumption and resources.

This is why SYMSITES “digital assets” were praised at this important event in Madrid – but this is just the beginning!