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News Irrigation with wastewater: An option for the future?

Irrigation with wastewater: An option for the future?

KLAR! Meeting 21.06.2023 

SYMSITES project explores the potential of wastewater irrigation as a solution for environmental and agricultural issues. 

With 100 participants, the Stakeholder forum held in Austria on 21/06/2023 focused on the topic through an engaging lecture and a panel discussion that, while introducing the project and its objectives, emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges of water scarcity, climate change and sustainable agriculture.

How? According to Markus Plank (Spitzer, 26SP) there is a need for a holistic approach that takes into account interconnections among various factors. This includes implementing water treatment technologies in industries to minimize pollutant discharge and adopting water-efficient practices.

By linking industry, climate change and wastewater irrigation a comprehensive and sustainable approach to water resource management can be achieved.

Moreover, wastewater irrigation brings relevant socio-economic benefits, particularly in countries where water scarcity is a serious issue. Public awareness and comprehensive training of farmers are necessary to overcome potential biases against this practice. Modern technologies enable effective wastewater treatment, making it suitable for agricultural use and posing no health risks. This allows conserving freshwater resources, reducing landfill burden and creating additional agricultural land. 

The meeting allowed stakeholders to discuss advancements in water treatment and quality monitoring methods as well as the economic viability of wastewater irrigation, considering factors such as infrastructure development, cost effectiveness and potential income generation for farmers.

In conclusion, by harnessing the potential of wastewater as a resource and implementing proper treatment measures, societies can work towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

KLAR! was present at the Stakeholder Forum. This program involves 89 Austrian regions and is supported by the Austrian Climate and Energy fund. The aim of the program is to give regions and municipalities the opportunity to prepare for climate change and minimize the negative consequences by adaptation measures. Through the KLAR! service platform and the KLAR! events, the Climate and Energy Fund ensures that the KLAR! regions use the available knowledge and information from science for their work.